In a video I recently created I talked about the goals for this channel. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4X0qSJSif-I&t=139s )

My life dream would be to become a gaming content creator you associate 2 words with:



You are happy when you see one of my video’s or streams and you might learn something in the process.

The incentive also comes from a business point of perspective as I see me doing it all the time. When you want a product the first thing you do is google someone that knows what they are talking about. Based on their recommendations you decide on what to buy. The future of sales are not going to be happening directly from a company anymore, but rather go through a third person like someone you trust that knows stuff about the topic that doesn’t sell their honesty but might be sponsored.

I think I can use this opportunity to combine my love for content creation and gaming with business and get a stable living while doing what I love.

This I want to achieve under the brand of JNacho.


The reality right now is that I need to work as a full time freelance Cyberark consultant to get bread on the table and I need to use my reserve energy to build a future on this new path. Even though I am facing this reality because of Covid and the huge interest increase in E-sports are going to make this possible in the long run.


I need to build a brand overtime. If it is something I learned over the years of creating businesses is that the earlier you start, the better. If you want to become a full-time content creator today you should have started 3 years ago and even, then you are going to have a though time. The options I have are about multiple topics.

What I want to stream and create content for:

  • Gaming
  • Funny content
  • What I am good at in life:
    • Life coaching people
    • Business coaching people
    • Eating food
    • Letting people laugh

The problem with content creation is though that I need to have a stable income to make this my job with the responsibilities I currently carry.

So, what I want to do is create a business around a specific brand and then increase awareness throughout the content creation. The business will supply a steady income while the stream and content creation will grow.

I do have to make a decision VS creating full YouTube videos or doing shorts on TikTok and YouTube as I will get less and less time.


There is a huge willingness to bring this project to real life, but I am very aware of the order I am doing stuff. Mostly people follow the order of:

  1. Become a streamer or content creator
  2. Start getting noticed and being sponsored
  3. Start your business that people that love your stream or content will use

I am starting stuff from the back; I want to start a business and then through the business see if I can become a full-time content creator. As I am starting stuff from the back, and I am not following a regular path, I believe that I am not going to be noticed in the beginning. But once I will get noticed, I will be the biggest anomaly that will be seen at the time for doing things the other way around and hopefully causes other companies to jump this bandwagon as well.


As this project is still ongoing and in its early years, there is no outcome to be displayed here.